“It’s difficult to truly convey how immensely positive my experience working with Diane was. She worked with me every step of the way and her coaching was unquestionably essential for my success. She is truly a world-class coach, a wonderful person, and I feel incredibly lucky and thankful to have had the pleasure of working with her. My sole regret is not contacting her sooner.” – S.S.

“I came to Diane with 20+ years experience in a specialized domain. She served as a real partner who held me accountable. I appreciate the journey as much as the result, and with this perspective, I can share that Diane truly listened, offered her quick mind & confident industry perspective, fluidly adapted to new info, and did so with a lovely humanity. She is very genuine, smart, seasoned, pleasant, positive, patient and persistent. She made me better and seemed to be driven by an intrinsic motivation to do so.” – J.T.

“Diane is great at this. I wish I would have signed up with her earlier to make better use of the firepower she provides.” – C.H.

“From our first meeting, Diane listened actively, trusted the experiences I was coming to her with, and was ready to go all in as my partner. I am so grateful for her guidance, patience, and infectiously positive attitude.” – S.B.

“Diane guided me through finding my story as I transitioned from founder to the job market. Diane simplified an abstract, soul-searching process into concrete, executable tasks. That required emotional intelligence as well as pragmatic knowledge of the market. Diane was able to straddle the line between the emotional and the practical with a grace that is not easy to achieve, and very much appreciated.” – M.E.

“Diane helped me see beyond what I assumed was the only logical next move in my career. She guided me to explore what I truly wanted to spend my time on and encouraged me to have the conversations with those who would need to be on board. Diane lifted me from “stuck” to a promising new chapter.” – H.S.